Dear Guest

Thank you for looking into travelling all the way to this northern corner of Europe and staying at the Bis-Geos.

I hope a visit to this place will give to you what it gave to me; from the moment I saw the old ruin to the days I spend here now enjoying the feeling of the place with its spectacular views.

On the following pages I will tell you what I know about the history of the Bis-Geos, about the fascination I felt for it leading me to the restoration and things I can recommend to do during your stay with us . . .

Across the bay you can see three islands on the horizon. First is Rousay, then the mainland of Orkney with the Brough of Birsay to the north and Hoy as the last silhouette. On a clear winter day you can see the mainland of Scotland to the north of Birsay. Watch the lighthouse at night.

I often think that nature is on stage from here with constant changes in the sea and sky.

It would be nice to hear what impression a stay at Bis Geos makes on you.